I love helping small business

SweeDesigns has been a labor of love from the start. As a pilot and and entrepreneur, there was never a shortage of ideas and projects. Every problem was an opportunity to solve, and as a self-taught tech nerd I could always learn what I needed to tackle it for myself. This turned into a love for web development, design and eventually mobile apps, Augmented Reality, 3D Models, etc...

It didn't take long for other pilots who also had the "big idea" to come asking for help implementing whatever they were thinking. Often that was when I would hear the all-to-common phrase: "I'm just not tech savy". That is when SweeDesigns was born. My goal is to help other aviation professionals weed though the massive amount of options to implement their next big idea.

Learning new software, programming techniques and whatever newest technology Apple puts out at WWDC is my hobby. I love helping other pilots identify what tech-stack is right for them...and if they don't want to learn themselves, I'm always happy to build it.

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