October 5, 2015

The Project.

FlyBoys was one of those companies that every pilot grew up with. I don't know a single pilot that didn't have a FlyBoys Kneeboard or Pubs bag when they were first starting out. Most of the time they still had that same Kneeboard 20 years later! When I happened to sit next to the founder of FlyBoys and the inventory of the FlyBoys kneeboard at a conference, it was natural to discuss his new product line: PIVOT, and the goals he had for Spoiler alert...a total site redesign was needed.

How did we get started?

Getting started is always always starts the same way...understand what the customer has now, and where they want to get to. was a thriving eCommerce website that had immense SEO and brand awareness, but was built on an outdated eCommerce system that just wasn't up to the task. It took some time to study what we were working with, and identify what system we wanted to transition to. We considered it all, and ultimately chose to develop on the Shopify Platform.

Why we chose what we did?

We considered many of the great eCommerce platforms out on the market. Many were fantastic at relatively small product catalogues, and low daily sales volumes. But that wasn't With hundreds of SKUs and several product lines, this was a webstore that was ready to really take off. Integrating with order fulfillment, SEO and a bunch of different workflows meant we needed a stable and robust platform that was simple, yet capable and had room to grow.

Matt Swee

My name is Matt Swee and I’m a pilot and freelance designer/developer and entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida. After graduating college with a degree in Geographic Information Systems, I started my career as a military pilot and later flying for a major U.S. airline. Along that path, I discovered an interest in code and software development both for mobile and for the web. Everything I do is through the lens of aviation...but the side hustle is the fun part.

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