September 25, 2015
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Welcome to the Future of Flight Training

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Welcome to the KC-46 MCDU Emulator designed specifically for the United States Air Force's instructor pilots and their students. With our state-of-the-art iOS app, learning the intricacies of the KC-46’s Multi-function Control Display Unit has never been more straightforward or accessible.

Why does this app exist?

Realistic Training Anytime, Anywhere: Our emulator replicates the KC-46’s MCDU with unparalleled accuracy, offering a highly interactive and realistic training environment right at your fingertips. Trainees can practice procedures, familiarize themselves with the interface, and master the functionalities of the MCDU without the need for physical access to the aircraft.

Designed with Experts: Developed in close collaboration with experienced KC-46 instructor pilots, the KC-46 MCDU iOS app ensures that the training experience is comprehensive, realistic, and aligned with the Air Force's rigorous standards. Our app covers a wide range of scenarios and functionalities, preparing pilots for real-world operations.


  • Accurate MCDU Interface Replication: Experience the MCDU's look, feel, and functionality with detailed accuracy.
  • Extensive Scenario Library: From basic operations to advanced procedures, practice across a comprehensive range of flight scenarios.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Engage with interactive tutorials and quizzes to reinforce learning and test your knowledge.

Ready to Take Off?

The KC-46 MCDU is more than just an emulator. It's your gateway to mastering the KC-46’s MCDU, designed to make you a better pilot, ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Join us on the journey to redefine airforce training.

Contact Us

For more information on KC-46 MCDU, how to get started, or any inquiries, please contact us at support@sweedesigns.com.

Matt Swee

My name is Matt Swee and I’m a pilot and freelance designer/developer and entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida. After graduating college with a degree in Geographic Information Systems, I started my career as a military pilot and later flying for a major U.S. airline. Along that path, I discovered an interest in code and software development both for mobile and for the web. Everything I do is through the lens of aviation...but the side hustle is the fun part.

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